Body Massage in Bangalore 

Would you like to relax yourself amidst nature along with the best massage that would help to soothe your nerves and remove the stress of whole day ? Then pamper yourself in some of the best body massage service in Bangalore that offers a sense of luxury along with comfort at affordable price . Situated amidst the greenery we are Reshma Spa resorts who are one of the best body massage in Bangalore . We are provide not only massage but also many more services at your doorstep or in our spa centre in Bangalore.

Welcome to Reshma massage parlour in Bangalore which promises to all it’s customer moments of rejuvenation in a cool and relaxing environment with an assortment of various options of full Body massage in Bangalore . We are stay in Bangalore that is situated in the heart of the city but is located among a tranquil environment amidst lush greenery and peace, and we are definitely an abode for city dwellers that are searching for the best kind of body to body massage in Bangalore. We are one of the leading body massage parlour in Bangalore who offers full body massage in Bangalore. We provide the best massaging service centre in Bangalore which is 100% satisfactory to our clients like you. Our services are offered by some of the best trained and high qualified and experienced massage therapists who are trained in our exclusive genuine tantric massage series. some of them are very new in massage service we have to training them . They are very friendly and funny girls .


Our therapists are well educated  and they can give complete satisfaction to our valuable clients like you and we ensure you that once you step into our massage parlour you will be relieved of all the stress and tediousness. We also have a number of beautiful girls who are not only there to give you great massage but additional relaxation and joy as  your wish not don’t feel hesitate to ask them . We make available relaxing massage from our well-trained masseuses to relieve your tension and anxiety. We can ensure you that you would come back to us to have quality massage with fun and sensual pleasure from well trained professional therapists. Choose from an assortment of body wraps, body scrubs, pedicure and manicure, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Balinese massage, Deep tissue massage body to body massage and  female to male massage and many more.

We promise you that you would have a lifetime experience after you come to us. You would forget all the stress and strains of life and indulge in a life full of fun and leisure.

Full Body Massage in Bangalore

Full body massage in bangalore

As a top provider of full body massage in Bangalore . we provide all kinds of massaging services with in Bangalore like the Body Massage in Bangalore, Body to Body Massage in Bangalore and the best Full Body Massage in Bangalore with the help of aromatherapy, Therapeutic oils, herbal and fragrant oils, powder massage, body massage with spa therapy and more. Being a professional service provider of body massages we are always ready to make our clients happy and satisfied. We provide our services to both males and females at our massage parlour in Bangalore. Our body massage parlour is the most stylish place to enjoy all kinds of body massage services.

Type of Body Massage Offer by Reshma Spa in Bangalore

we offer a numberless of massaging services to our valuable customers. We are a Unisex massage spa in Bangalore that has some of the well decorated and spacious massage rooms which boast of interior designs that are imbibed with Mother Nature’s gift of greenery and fragrance. We make the use of natural and elegantly set contemporary elements that help in creating a positive environment with energetic vibes for all our customers. We also use internationally acclaimed beauty, Spa and massaging products that are completely herbal and good for the skin and good for relieving pain as well. You can choose from an elite range of various full body massage in Bangalore for complete body and parlour Salon and Spa packages. Apart from massage we also offer an assortment of skin care and hair care treatments that will helps customers to look and feel good from within. We offer you several attractive membership packages in various kinds of categories where members can enjoy an assortment of body treatments at cheap and affordable price and discounts for our membership client. We offer various services like I think you will love our service

Swedish Massage

    This is an amalgamation of various techniques which are designed to relax the muscles by rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. This also helps in increasing the flow of oxygen in the blood while also reducing the number of toxins in the muscles. You will feel tension free and feel great

Body to Body Massage

 where our beautiful girl will massage your body with her upper body  part to your private body part . I am sure that you will follow in love with . She not only massage your body she will care all over your body.  You can do lot of fun with her.

Thai body massage service

 Indulge in some of the most relaxing and luxurious massaging services that will help satisfy your senses and rejuvenate your body. Let the stimulating aromas of therapeutic oils and traditional healing techniques cleanse your soul. And help you relax to your heart’s and mind content

Balinese massage

 Balinese massage is done with the help of Ylang-Ylang oil. Balinese massage helps in improvement of blood and oxygen circulation in the body;it helps in balancing the body and mind , boosts the immunity levels, and relieves sleeping disorders. It also helps in relieving migraine pain, alleviating strained muscles and joint pain and energising the body.

Aromatherapy massage

 This massage is done with some of the best scented oils like lavender oil, Eucalyptus and rose oil, jasmine oil and peppermint oil. These oils can also be used in the bath water for a cool and refreshing bath after a long day.

Sensual massage services

 Our well trained professional exactly know the points which would help you feel sumptuous and loved. They know how to massage at the right places which will make you fall asleep with no worries in mind.

Foot Massage

 Foot rub is a form of massage where pressure is applied on the target areas of the feet using the acupressure points. It is a well known fact that the reflex points on the soles of the feet communicate with the various organs in the body. The foot rub is a well known massage therapy that helps in stimulation of the internal organs and improves circulation of the blood and lymph circulation as well.


Benefit of Body to Body Massage in Bangalore

Body to body massage in bangalore

Massage is known to be one of the most essential ways in which you can maintain your health and also relieve yourself from a variety of pains. Nowadays people use a variety of massaging techniques for health related purposes. Body to body massage in Bangalore will  helps to IT people who are very busy on their day to day life style . Now a day body massage in Bangalore are compulsory to relax your body and mind. So once go to Reshma spa to take full body massage for your health .There is so many benefit to body massage. Check the list of benefit  of taking massage service

  • Improve blood circulation in the body
  • Helps in improving stress
  • Reduces headaches
  • Muscle spasms and tensions
  • Weight loss
  • Reduces you seex problem
  • Reduces depression and triggers blood flow in the body which results in clear and glowing skin
  • Reduces back, leg and arm pain
  • Increases the flexibility in joints
  • Massaging helps to benefit people of all ages and massaging in the right kind of technique at the right point scan help to soothe your whole body in a miraculous way

Why Choose Reshma Spa For Massage in Bangalore

We are the best Massage spa who provides you with full body to body massage in Bangalore. We also ensure that the privacy and security of our clients are well maintained.

  • We are one of the best and leading massage centre who also provide you with a complete solution to love making as well
  • We provide customers with a friendly atmosphere
  • Our parlour is located in the heart of Bangalore city which is easily communicable from all major spots
  • Special arrangement – personal AC Deluxe Room which is luxuriously decorated with fragrance and all kinds of equipment’s
  • All massage girls are well experienced, well groomed and young
  • We focus on client satisfaction above everything else
  • We also focus on oil massage and four hand massage
  • We provide sensual massaging services to clients who require the same

Best massage in Bangalore with focus on concern areas

Massaging is done with the hands, and we focus on using our hands in the best way, using your body as a massage instrument. Our full body massage in Bangalore is given on a clean bed with scented fragrance and an attractive room with light and soothing music to get you into the mood. We would fist give you a sponge massage with Luke warm water to ease away all the daily stress and tensions. Then we would scan your body to feel whether you have any hidden knot in the muscles and then massage the same. We would start in a rhythmic movement initially and then move our hands in soft and hard manners to help you to relax completely and go to sleep while we massage your back, legs, thighs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, and hands. We use aromatic oils to massage your body and we would slowly make you familiar with the method of a highly rhythmic massage.

Booking an Appointment For Body Massage in Bangalore

Booking massage girl

Be a part of us and experience a grand new and novel massaging therapy that would not only change you externally but also internally by boosting your self confidence. If you would like to book for a full body massage in Bangalore, then we would require a minimum of 1 hour and if you would like some extra time on one particular focus area then you would need to schedule a 90 minutes’session. You can choose from various massage sessions like integrative massage sessions, prenatal massage, post natal massage, foot reflexology, chair massage, hot stone therapies, back, neck and shoulder massage, facial massage, as well as exfoliating body scrub, rejuvenating skin pack, mineral package, dead sea and mineral body wraps, aromatherapy body to body massage female to male body massage . The massage time and price is depend on your package you can add some more package in mid time while your taking massage . Our main aim is our client have enjoy and fun for fun you can choose are massage girls .

Best Spa For Body Massage in Bangalore

Apart from the contemporary massaging services that we have to offer our clients, we also have an array of other options that are exclusively for our clients. Our signature treatment comprises of candle massage, Hot Stone therapies, four hand massage, Royal Thai massage, Loma Lomi massage, Thai body massage, Swedish massage, Element body massage, Body scrub and body wrap services Balinese massage, Aroma foot Spa, as well as other services like Rose, Honey and Milk bath, Ear Spa, Head, neck and shoulder massage, Jacuzzi, Steam bath and more that why we are the best spa in Bangalore.

Candle massage

Wind, Fire, earth and water are the essential elements and we have transformed these essential elements into essential oils. These essential oils have been well scented and along with aromatherapy candles we ensure that the ambience is environmentally friendly and natural. Our fabulous body massage candles are made just for you. Candle massage is a unique and exotic way to treat yourself.

Hot Stone Therapy

Energizing oils and volcanic stones are applied to the main areas of the body giving a deep massage andmake you feel warm and cozy. This massage is very effective for relaxation of muscles and helps in improving blood circulation and also helps in easing stress and tediousness.

Four hand massage

Wind, fire, earth and water are natural elements and essential oils as well. Two therapists perform a Swedish massage on clients and mirror each others movement. This is one of the most super relaxing massage and is a great way to relieve stress.

Royal Thai massage

The royal Thai massage is one of the most ancient forms of massage which we perform with great care. This massage is based on the Ayurvedic style. The Buddhist mysticism helps to detoxify the body and boost the immune system as well. It also helps in improving body posture, and easy breathing.

Lomi Lomi massage

We follow this unique massage therapy which has been derived from ancient Polynesians and master healers from Hawaii. We massage you in a slow and rhythmic motion using the hands and the forearms over the body. This kind of massage specially helps in healing stress and tension and eliminates the toxin in the body.