Anal Sex and Anal Sex Toys: Both are highly appreciated for Multiple Orgasms

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An anal plug, like those anal plug for call girls or butt plug used by couples, is similar in shape to a kind of dildo, which is usually introduced anal. But also for masturbation an anal plug is well suited and is used by many users. Also for sexual stimulation only an anal plug can be used. Mostly, however, it is introduced as a preparation for anal intercourse, because its shape allows it to remain in the anus. Here, the anus expands considerably, which then allows a painless and thus a lot more pleasurable anal intercourse.

But where is the real difference between an anal plug and a killer dildo? Or what is much better and safe in between anal beads vs. butt plug? Many confuse the two, although their form and usually their function are quite different. An anal plug is rounded at the front and tapers slowly to be well inserted at the front. The back end, however, is again so wide that the entire anal plug cannot accidentally completely penetrate. Earlier it was mentioned that an anal plug can persist by itself in the anus, comparable to a plug. This is ensured or achieved primarily by this form. This sometimes also has grooves or the like to provide a more intense feeling.

To introduce them as painless as possible, most anal plugs are now almost exclusively made of the materials jelly or silicone which also minimizes the risk of injury.

Anal Plugs are available in different sizes and shapes, with and without vibrator or other extras and of course in different materials and colors. Therefore, the choice of the right anal plug at first glance may not be easy. We looked at the most suitable anal plugs in different categories and would like to give you a little overview or series of butt plug trailers especially if you want to wear butt plugs outside. There are also those yoni eggs for yoga maniacs.

Silicone anal plugs

Especially for beginners, but also beyond the Deluxe Silicone Butt Plugs are optimal, because they are simply the classic and from our side clearly recommended. Not only the hygienic material, but also the fact that the anal plugs are made of one piece and that there are no annoying edges resulting from this convince. Especially the base is a big plus of the Deluxe Silicone Butt Plugs. As a rule, it does not interfere with carrying or inserting.

The Deluxe Silicone Butt Plug is available in 23mm, 40mm and 45mm both individually and as a set. Even if you should not overdo it, especially at the beginning, the titles “Beginner”, “Amateur” and “Profi” are even more effective. For some, however, the differences in size may be a little too big, so an increase may take a bit longer which, on the other hand, is almost practical again, because it reduces the risk of taking over.

Not only because they are cheaper as a set, would we recommend you to opt for it because instead of having to order the next larger anal plug every time, you can increase your individuality and possibly start with the 40mm version at the beginning. No matter how you order the butt plug, it comes with 5ml Aqua Lubricants and a velvet storage bag. 

But if you don’t want something foreign inside you, then you better opt for swings which brings out sexuality in you. Same pleasure, different method.

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